5 Days x 52 Weeks = 260 pieces of music!

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Possible Album covers for the Samples Series 2021

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Corona Virus has stripped away the livelihood of touring musicians around the world, myself included. For a year now, independent artists have been stuck in limbo, not sure when, or if, life will ever return to normal. 

But it also means we have more time. It means we now have the opportunity to realise the many creative projects normally confined only to our minds. Sure, we may need to re-evaluate how it is we can continue to pay rent, but creatively it presents us with a whole new way of approaching our art.

For me, that means just that, creating. Every day. In whatever form that takes. I have committed to composing, recording, producing, something, anything, every day, Monday to Friday, for at least a year. That will result in over 250 new pieces of music by the end of 2021 alone, on top of the many projects and collaborations I had already committed to this year.

Sure, some of this music might turn out to be crap, but some of it might be gold, and all of it will be a stepping stone to new projects, to new collaborations, and to rediscovering myself as an artist and as a creator.


It is also a way that I can connect with you, the listener. So far, I am only a few weeks in, and it has changed the way I think about music and composition, and I want to invite you in to the depths of my creative musical mind. I want to invite you along on this journey with me.

But how?

Well, I have set up a Backstage subscription service using the Bandcamp platform, where every 3 months I will be releasing a subscriber only Sample Album showcasing what I have created up to that point, and including a description of what the piece means to me and how or why I created it. It will be a raw, inside look at my creative process, in all its forms, and you can help me decide if, and for what, I should use the tracks. Additionally, as a subscriber, you will also get an instant digital download of every finished project I ever release on Bandcamp, meaning you will get to experience the music throughout its entire musical life cycle. 

And here's what else you will get...


For a small monthly donation you get downloads, discounts, and digital access to a whole bunch of extra content not generally available to the public. Here are the perks...

from 4€ per month

 - Instant digital download of 5 (yes five) albums

 - Digital download of ALL future releases as they are released

 - 20% discount on ALL merchandise storewide

from 6€ per month 

 - Everything above, plus...

 - Vinyl copy of "(s)he" or "A Journey into Seahorse Valley"

 - Physical copy of any future (physical) releases

from 10€ per month 

 - Everything above, plus...

 - Download Codes for my entire back catalogue

 - Free tickets to shows in your area

And of course, you will also have the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting an independent artist in a truly meaningful way.

If this sounds like you, and you want to join me on this journey, then please subscribe here: